Nature's Design Product Overview

Each of these glass and porcelain products are designed according to the Golden Ratio – Nature’s divine proportions.  The proportions of the Golden Ratio have been used by many cultures and individuals throughout time because of their appealing an energizing qualities.  Examples include ancient vessels and proportions in architecture and art all stemming from similar proportions in nature.  In nature, the Golden Ratio can be seen in the the proportions of fish and other creatures, the arrangement of pedals on flowers, the spiral in nautilus shells, the center of sunflowers, and many, many more examples.

This ratio imparts a profound, positive energetic effect on whatever is held within them – especially water.  Restructured, revitalized water has ben shown to increase hydration, support detoxification, and generally optimize health and well being.  Some people choose to use these containers to energize the drinking water of their pets or to support the vitality of their plants.  The options are endless! 

Most of the glassware is mouth blown in various countries of Western Europe.  The water bottles, the smaller drinking glasses and a version of the red wine glass are machine made.

The colors some of the products feature have slightly different effects in how they restructure the water, just as the different shapes of the containers produce slightly different effects.  However, all of them support the vitality of the recipient of the water.

These are the color variations found for the Flower of Life design at the bottom of the glasses. Their benefits are related to color therapy.  Each design is etched to the bottom of the glass.  (please hand wash)

Here are basic attributes of the color designs:
- Gold - actual 24-carat gold - supports pure life-force energy and vitality.
- "Happy"/Rainbow  - supports positivity, optimism, and balance.
- White - supports purity, openness, honestly, and new beginnings.
- Platinum - actual platinum - this rare metal (0.005 ppm in the Earth's crust) supports self-confidence, strength, and self-love. 

However, please trust your intuition and feelings in how you relate to the colors/designs.  

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol and Sacred Geometry.  Sacred Geometry (briefly) is a way of symbols, ratios, and proportions that is created to be a reflection of Spirit, nature, and the cosmos.  Many cultures throughout time have used Sacred Geometry to connect to nature, Spirit, or the universe, to energize themselves, their spaces, or their food and drink, and to support living in alignment.

The Flower of Life is considered one of the most powerful and ancient forms of sacred geometry.  A number of other Sacred Geometry symbols are found in the Flower of Life symbol and is related to cell division, creation, Spirit, and interconnectedness.  The Flower of Life symbol is an excellent and profound way to enhance life-affirming qualities in our lives.


Featured Products:

Lagoena open on wood.jpg

Water Bottles

If you're looking for portability, these eco-friendly water bottles are an excellent choice!  Like all of the Nature's Design products, they restructure the water and they do so without any plastic!  The materials are glass, cork, wood, wooden bio-mass, and rubber. 



These beautiful vessels are excellent for restructuring your daily dose of water and come in a variety of sizes!  You could also decant wine, juice, or tea to enhance the energetics of those liquids.  Some even store herbs or spices in these to enhance their qualities!



Including table glasses and wine glasses, these simple beauties support your vitality with every sip.  There are a variety of shapes and designs for you to choose from!

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