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Great for anywhere you need an energetic, revitalizing boost.

Great for anywhere you need an energetic, revitalizing boost.


The Air-Ion Sprayer is based on the same principles as other Nature’s Design products to restructure & revitalize water and essential oil blends placed within it in three minutes

It produces a fine mist that can help regenerate stale or unhealthy air spaces. When filled with fresh, clean water or the essential oil mixture of your choice, the spray vitalizes the environment with negative ions and clears energy.

It is excellent for hydrating the skin, cleansing the auric field of stuck energies, or misting your house plants and seedlings.

All Air-Ion Misters have the white Flower of Life Sacred Geometry emblazoned onto the base of the bottle for additional harmonizing effects.

70 mL/2.4 oz - $20.95

24-ND24684 copy.jpg

Bowl Cotula

Excellent for holding, crystals, food,
water, soup and more!

The tall, hand-blown shape helps accentuate the dynamic lines derived from the Golden Ratio. The Cotula bowl is a real eye-catcher, even when empty. A white Flower of Life is embossed into the bottom of the bowl for further harmonic benefits.

12 cm/4.7” wide - $25.95
23 cm/9.0” wide - $50.95


Straw Calamus

The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” drinking straw. Because of a fine spiral cut into the narrow glass tube, any liquid that passes through it acquires a powerful vortex motion. As seen in nature – tornadoes, for example, or wildly-flowing rivers or ocean waves – the vortex action increases the intensity of the energy.

The delicate structure of the hand-blown drinking straw takes its shape from the Golden Ratio.

For children (or adults) over 6 years.

24 cm/9.0” - $13.95


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