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Nature’s Design glass and porcelain products are unique in form and design. No other household tableware is made with such specific intention and awareness of the effects of the form on what will be held within it. For the many questions you may have about this, here are the answers. 

♦ What is the composition of the glass used in Nature’s Design glassware products? 

Depending upon the product, this glassware is composed of either standard unleaded quartz glass, or standard unleaded boro-silicate glass. There is no lead or other heavy metals used in the manufacturing of these glassware products. The shape and weight of the mouth-blown products may differ slightly from item to item, which is a mark of their originality and the fact that they are hand-made. The underling principle in use here – aside from the Golden Ratio design – is simplicity and harmony with nature. 

♦ Where are these products made? 

Nature’s Design GmbH products are manufactured in a variety of glass-works and ceramic factories in several different European countries, including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Austria, and Romania. A few of the smaller products are also made in glass-works factories in China. 

♦ What is the significance of the curved surface in the design? 

The six-curve surface structure of the carafes, and the shape of the other products, is a unique and purposeful feature resulting from the intention of the overall design – to create a form in harmony with the underlying principles of nature: “Nature’s Design.” Proportional relationships between the six segments of the design are based on one of the expressions of Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence, a variation of the mathematical expression which is commonly known as the golden ratio. This same ratio or set of proportions is seen, for example, in the nautilus shell and numerous other living creatures and aspects of nature, including the proportions of the human body. 

Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio

♦ What is "Sacred Geometry"? 

Geometry is a branch of mathematics which has to do with physical relationships and a mathematical understanding of our physical world and universe. According to Wikipedia, geometry is “… concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.” (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometry) 

“Sacred” Geometry has to do with an understanding that different shapes, forms, positions, etc. have different energetic qualities and effects on living organisms, such as people and animals. One could say that most of what is referred to as Sacred Geometry is really the geometry of life and living organisms. That is, the shapes, sizes, proportions and spatial relations which are found throughout the world of nature and living beings. 

The ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui is one example of the broader category of Sacred Geometry. Feng Shui studies show how the placement of objects in a space, and the form and design of the physical space itself, affect the flow of energy or 'chi' within the space. These effects, in turn, affect the feeling, success, and energetic experience of those who are present within the space. Sacred Geometry also is connected to the form and energetics of living systems, and how they are supported by - and interact with - the Earth, moon, the sun, and other heavenly bodies. 

♦ Does every form have an energetic effect? 

Yes, every physical form has an effect on its environment and the energetic flows within that environment. Many builders and architects throughout history and around the world have been aware of this power of form, and used this knowledge in their designs, which can be seen in many of the monuments and temples of the ancient world, and throughout the architecture of Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, most educational systems – outside of architecture, art, and esthetics – have not really focused on this universal principle governing the physical relationships of our lives and our world. Yet, there is little which puts us more “in harmony with nature” than conforming our environments and our activities to the golden ratio principle.  

The influence of geometric form on experience is known in many cultures. As more recent research has demonstrated, water quality is affected by its surrounding forms, as well as by mental and emotional intentions. The key principle in the design of Nature’s Design products is increasing the biological valorization (quality) of water through the interaction of water with specific geometric forms and intention. 

The Flower of Life Symbol

♦ What is the purpose of the Flower of Life symbol on the bottom of the glass and ceramic ware? 

The Flower of Life design is considered one of the most powerful symbols of sacred geometry, and is one of the most ancient. It has been found in ancient temples and monuments all over the world. It is a symbolic representation of the source and interconnectedness of all life. In many cultures of the world, the Flower of Life symbol has been known and used for energizing and stabilizing food and water. (An excellent short summary presentation on the Flower of Life can be seen in the YouTube video “Spirit Science 6.”) This symbol is emblazoned on the bottom of Nature's Design glass and ceramic ware in a variety of colors. Each color has a specific intentional effect on whatever is placed in or on the glass and ceramic ware and the surrounding area. 

The vitalizing effect of these golden ratio products on the liquids and other substances held within them, and the space around them, is due to the specific form of the design and the use of the Flower of Life symbol. The form of the glass or ceramic-ware creates an energetic, three-dimensional Flower of Life in the center of the piece. The two-dimensional Flower of Life symbol has an additional energizing effect and contributes to the stabilization of the effect. The specific effect of the design depends on the symbol’s color. The interpretation of these effects is based on studies from the field of Color Therapy. Of course, any individual experience may be different from what has been discovered as a general effect for most people. 

Platinum FOL: Fired into the glass at 1112°F (600°C). In color therapy, the color platinum has been associated with self-love, acceptance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

Gold FOL: 24-carat gold, fired into the glass at 1112°F (600°C). In color therapy, the color gold has been associated with strengthening of the immune system and stimulation of higher consciousness for the evolution of

Self. This Gold FOL vibrates the 3 highest chakras of the physical body (throat, third eye, and crown). 

White FOL: Fired into the glass at 1022°F (550°C). In color therapy, the color white has been associated with optimum health and healing of the physical and emotional bodies. It is also associated with the Spirit of Self. 

Rainbow FOL: In color therapy, the multi-colored or “Rainbow” version of the Flower of Life infuses the energy of joy. In Europe the products with this rainbow-colored symbol are referred to as “Happy.” 

Silver-Gray FOL: In color therapy, the Flower of Life symbols in this color create an energy of grounding and connection with the Earth. The color silver is often associated with the Earth herself. 

♦ What is the significance of the curved surface in the design? 

The six-curve surface structure of the carafes, and the shape of the other products, is a unique and purposeful feature resulting from the intention of the overall design – to create a form in harmony with the underlying principles of nature: “Nature’s Design.” Proportional relationships between the six segments of the design are based on one of the expressions of Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence, a variation of the mathematical expression which is commonly known as the golden ratio. This same ratio or set of proportions is seen, for example, in the nautilus shell and numerous other living creatures and aspects of nature, including the proportions of the human body. 

♦ Can I put additional information (intention) into the glass? 

Yes, you can. And it is important to remember that when working with subtle energies, it is helpful to be as conscious as possible when mixing intentions together. In general, the energetic effect of Nature’s Design glassware and ceramic-ware products is more than sufficient to create the re-vitalizing effect of water and other potables -and- your extra good intentions are welcome to add to the harmonic effect and support of your life affirming purposes. 

With that in mind, it is possible to put additional information (i.e., intention) into your glass and ceramic-ware. For example, if you write an intention on a piece of paper and place it under or on the glass or ceramic ware, that intention will affect whatever is in the container. Or if you hold the glass or ceramic ware in your hands and focus on a specific intention – mentally and emotionally – the intention will be transmitted into whatever the container is holding as well. 

When you consume what you have energized with your intention you will receive - on an energetic level - the “intention” which you have placed into your container. For specific therapeutic purposes, additional substances may be placed in or on the glass and ceramic ware to further enhance the energizing effect (e.g., flower or gem essences, homeopathic drops, crystals, etc.) The Cadus water Pitcher and the Galileo carafe have been designed with a small bubble-cavity in the bottom for the placement of crystals or other small objects, should you desire to energize these carafes with your own crystals and tokens. 

Using Your Nature’s Design Products

♦ What substances can I place in the glass and porcelain products? 

You can use all of our products with food, water, juices and wine - even pet food! The products made with boro-silicate glass can withstand hot liquids. These products include the 10L Universe carafe, 5L Beauty carafe, Miniverse and Delicate carafes, and the Calamus Drinking Straw. The Delicate carafe can also be used with the Tealight Warmer to heat liquids and keep them warm, such as coffee and tea. 

♦ Can I use a Golden Alladin with i.e. a Rainbow tumbler or is it better to combine products from the same series? 

You can combine these products in any way you like, and notice the different effects that different combinations have. 

♦ What is the best way to clean my glassware products? 

We recommend using citric acid, vinegar, or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to keep your glassware products clean. Baking soda has an antibacterial effect and dissolves calcified residues easily. For cleaning, put a tablespoon of citric acid or baking soda into hot water, then add cold water, put it into the carafe or tumbler and leave it there for 2 - 12 hours. Make sure you wash it out completely before using it again. You can also use mild dish detergents, as with other household glass products, although detergents do not have the same de-calcifying effect as bicarbonate or vinegar. We do not recommend placing any glassware emblazoned with the Flower of Life symbol in the automatic dishwasher. 

♦ How can I use the Energy Plates? 

The Energy Plates can be used to energize whatever you desire with the energetic intention of the Flower of Life. The glass Energy Plates are made from hand-polished glass plates 4 or 6 mm thick. Their shape and dimensions are perfectly tuned (proportionally) to the orbits of Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gently flowing energy which is intended to synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain. Both plates are emblazoned with the Flower of Life symbol which is composed of 24 carat gold, and is burned into the glass at 750°F (400°C). Caution: Do not use the glass Energy Plates as hot plates. They have not been designed for this purpose. There is a Hot Energy Plate composed of ceramic and cork, also with the Flower of Life design, which has been designed specifically for the purpose of holding hot dishes and cookware. 

♦ Can I add crystals or anything else? 

Although the use of crystals for the specific purpose of water vitalization is a different process than that used in this Nature’s Design glassware, all crystals emanate specific energies and have different energetic properties. The energetic properties of crystals can be used to augment your experience of the Nature’s Design glass and ceramic-ware in any way you desire. Although not necessary for the vitalizing effect, crystals and other substances do affect energy and matter. We recommend a knowledgeable approach based on research and your own experience. 

♦ Can I hear the music of carafes? 

The form of our glassware products create a resonance chamber, comparable to the resonance chamber of a violin. The form itself does not generate music, but it acts like an “antenna” and, due to its specific dimensions, like a vitalizing instrument. Different carafes resonate to different notes of music. The 2.3L Alladin Carafe is tuned to the sound frequency of the note C, whereas the 1.3L Alladin and the 0.5L Delicate carafes resonate to the sound frequency of the note F. The inventor of many of these products has composed and performed two CDs of healing energy music, which is the original basis for the glassware designs. You can find these music CDs, along with other comparable CDs, on our website. 

Water Quality and Revitalization

♦ What is the effect on food and liquids placed in Nature’s Design glassware and porcelain? 

All of the glass and porcelain products offered by Nature’s Design increase the biological vibrancy of whatever is placed within them or on top of them, as well as the area around them. That means that the glassware revitalizes the natural quality of water and other liquids by the effect of the golden ratio form. This form harmonizes the contents of your glass and ceramic ware with the design principle behind all of life, and generates increased vitality of that which you consume. We know that the nutritional value of foods and liquids is based on a variety of factors, such as their source, growing conditions, harvesting and storage, and how long they have been separated from their point of origin. Along with the diminishing nutritional value over time, comes a diminution of the energetic or life-force value as well. It is this aspect which is not only preserved but increased through exposure to the golden ratio designed glass and ceramic-ware. 

♦ What is water revitalization? 

Water revitalization is different from water purity. Water supplies that are contaminated with any natural or human-made chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. must be treated to remove the impurities, and there are a variety of physical and chemical methods for doing this. This is water purification. Water revitalization is a process of shifting the energetic memory of water (whether it is purified or not) back to the state it is found in nature. When water emerges from the Earth in a natural spring, the molecules are clustered together in a hexagonal form, the same crystalline form which can be seen in snowflakes. 

This is naturally vitalized water. Vitalized water contains water molecules are naturally arranged in hexagonally-clustered units. Unfortunately, our current water technology – including everything from pumps, pressure, straight pipes, filters, stagnation, plastic containers, and chemical treatments – all have the effect of “un-structuring” the water, i.e., breaking apart these hexagonal clusters. This robs the water of its natural vitality and memory. It becomes energetically “dead.” Even the best spring water from pristine sources can become this way as it is treated, transported, bottled and stored. Unless you are using a type of technology which has been specifically designed to re-vitalize (re-structure) water, then regardless of what water you are drinking, or where it has come from, you are drinking un-structured water. It is this way everywhere in the world. (Dancing With Water, by MJ Pangman & M. Evans) 

Revitalized water has been shown to have different effects on living systems than water that has not been revitalized. If you are seeking a high quality water, then Nature’s Design products are excellent for revitalization. Our glass and ceramic ware does not purify the water, for it does not remove or add anything to the water. Start your water revitalization process with your choice of clean water, and then utilize Nature’s Design glass and/or ceramic ware to revitalize. Our beautiful products make revitalization easy. You don’t have to plug it in, turn it on, or hire a technician to install it. 

♦ Why is water revitalization important to me? 

The human body is 65 - 75% water, and all of your biological systems require water to function properly. Wouldn’t you want the water that you consume and that is essential to your body’s health to be the best water possible, with the greatest vitality possible? What you take into your body has energetic vibration, and these vibrations affect your overall state of energetic vibration. Consuming food and water of higher energetic vibration supports you in many ways, both consciously and unconsciously. 

♦ Does drinking revitalized water have an effect on the purification processes of the physical body? 

High quality drinking water - vitalized water - is very important because it supports the purification processes of the body, which is essential for health and well being. The vitalized water molecule rotates clockwise, whereas toxic agents within the body rotate counterclockwise. Clockwise-turning water molecules help to eliminate the counter-clockwise-turning toxics, and makes it easier for the body to eliminate them. Once you start drinking revitalized (i.e., structured) water on a regular basis, in just a few days your body will automatically enter a detox mode. Drinking the structured water makes all of your body’s cellular processes easier and more efficient. 

♦ How is the vitalizing effect of Nature’s Design products different from other methods? 

Conventional water quality improvement systems are usually integrated into the “water circuit,” which is the physical system that is used to move, store and cleanse water. For example, the pumps, pipes, tanks and fixtures of a typical household water system. The stabilizing effect (stabilization of the vitalizing or quality improvement effect) of these systems is rather small, because the water is only exposed to the vitalizing components for a relatively short period of time as it is moving through the system. 

After vitalization, the water continues its way through pressurized pipes and tanks, which weaken the effect. The water, other liquids and foodstuffs that are placed in or on our Nature’s Design glass and ceramic-ware remains in the vitalizing field for as long as you choose, which makes the effect more sustainable. The vitalization process in Nature's Design products is realized without any other influencing factors, such as electricity or magnetism. 

♦ How long does the Nature's Design products revitalizing effect last? 

The revitalizing effect of Nature's Design products on water lasts approximately one week outside of the glassware, if the water is stored in another glass container. Some people put their re-vitalized water into a plastic bottle to carry it with them. Due to the counter-clockwise-turning energy of plastic bottles, the vitalizing effect is then limited to one day or less. The effect can last between 1-2 days if the water is stored in a stainless steel container. Use your own intuition and experience, which are your best guides. 

♦ How long does it take to revitalize water in a Nature’s Design product? 

It takes just 3 minutes for normal tap or bottled water to regain its vitality in a Nature's Design  carafe, glass or tumbler. 

♦ Is there a difference between vitalizing water in a carafe and in a tumbler or drinking glass? 

The vitalizing effect of carafes is twice as strong as in a tumbler or drinking glass. 

♦ What does biological value mean? 

Biological value can be measured in BOVIS units, a scale unit postulated by French physicist Alfred Bovis. To this day, the bovis unit is used by practitioners of radionics and geomancy all over the world in order to evaluate the vitality (life force) of food and places. In this system, a healthy human being has an average vibration of around 7000 bovis units. It is believed that food and other nutritional substances should vibrate at a higher bovis rate than the person taking them in, to have a maximum beneficial effect. The biological valorization (quality improvement) of water, juices or wines in the Alladin carafe amounts to approximately 25,000 BOVIS units. The valorization of the Mythos tumblers and drinking glasses is equivalent to approximately 12,500 BOVIS units. 

Statement by Dipl. Ing. Paul Sommer about “biological value”: “All matter, including water, basically consists of nothing but solidified energy which we unconsciously experience as spirit. One could compare it with activating previously hidden capabilities through mental training. The biological quality of water is improved by refining its crystalline information patterns, providing the organism with subtle energies and unfolding a higher potential of development.” (For more information, see www. baubetreuung.de.vu, and www.elektrosmog.com - in German language.) 

♦ How does revitalization through the Calamus Drinking Straw differ from the other glassware and porcelain? 

The Calamus Drinking Straw revitalizes liquids through the Golden Ratio design of its sections (the segmented surface structure of the design), and also by creating a vortex through which the moving water or liquid is carried before it is ingested. This vortex is created by the striations on the inside of the glass tube, which swirl the water (or other liquid) from the bottom to the top of the straw. In nature, water is always moving in a vortex. You could say that the vortex is water’s natural form of movement, and is how water keeps itself structured in nature. This is why stagnation and forced movement through straight pipes have the effect of un-structuring water. This is different from the carafes, which create the revitalization effect by holding the fluid within the Golden Ratio designed glassware structure. 

The most natural and powerful kind of movement in nature is a vortex. The spiral motion of tornadoes and hurricanes, or the soft waves of the ocean are examples of nature moving with the power of the vortex. Vortices have a natural vitalizing effect. This journey through the Calamus drinking straw gives the fluid more vitalizing energy. 


We believe that these products represent a new wave of consciousness emerging in the human psyche now. A level of consciousness which recognizes the inherent connection within all life, and which honors the Earth, our human bodies, and all of creation as different aspects of the same source. The Golden Ratio – however you may understand it, or however it may be expressed – is an indication of the universality of that connection and source. 

Suggested Reading

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- The Secret Life of Water. Masaru Emoto. 2006, Beyond Words, Hillsboro, OR -
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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Nature's Design Products that these questions and answers refer to are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or illness.