Bardo Dance and Chakra Rhythms

Conscious dance is a beautiful practice that takes many forms. Conscious dance encourages nourishing the body, mind, and spirit through movement, breath, awareness and connection. It is a way to interact with the alchemy of life and the universe in simple and profound ways to release, renew, and play. There are many interpretations and relatives to this ancient way of expression and awakening.

Bardo Dance and Chakra Rhythms:  offer the opportunity to express yourself authentically through movement.  Bardo is a Tibetan word meaning gap; a place of transformation - e.g. the present moment between the past and future or a breath between one thing and the next.

Inspiration is drawn from these Bardo states to create places of growth and change to shift our lives in healthy ways.  Music and guidance is selected and arranged with a mindfulness of the body’s seven major chakras.  These seven energy centers are recognized by many cultures around the world as places to focus awareness and healing - each has their own aspect of vitality such as grounding, love, and true expression. 

Growth, transformation, and healing happen though movement, music and mindfulness! 

Join us Friday mornings 9-10am at Ridgely Retreat in Annapolis, MD for delicious opportunities for renewal and awakening!
- 203 Ridgely Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401| 443-433-0462 -

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