About Nina & Testimonials

Nina Gallant, LMT, CTP,  RYT-500 is dedicated to helping you live comfortably and exuberantly in your body and heart, and continues to train extensively in her chosen fields to help you in your journey toward wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  In the years since Exuberant Yes!  Studios began providing services, Nina has supported many people find and develop ways to connect to serenity of spirit and physical health.

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or injury, are recovering from surgery, or are seeking the emotional benefits of healing touch and energy work, Nina will work with you to speed healing and strengthening, increase comfort and range of motion, and generally support your fullest flowering of mind, body and spirit.

Nina’s primary goal is to provide her clients with a lasting sense of well-being by combining the knowledge of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing.  Nina has trained in many healing modalities, and works with you to create a healing program tailored to your needs.  Nina's compassionate care and various treatment therapies can help you make rapid progress toward increased health and feelings of well-being! Book an appointment now!


Getting a Trager is like getting a window into Heaven, experiencing what Heaven would be like.
— J.F.
The work you do is amazing. It’s medicine.
— P.F.
Since I’ve been getting this therapy, I haven’t had any recurrence of the severe back seizures I used to get. I’ve not had any of that. I want to say thank you!!
— M.G.
You have angel hands. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— P.B.
That’s one of the best massages I’ve ever had, and I’ve gotten A LOT of massages.
— K.A.
This has been transformational. I’m different now than I was when I came in. I’m softer. I feel wonderful. What you do feels very sacred.
— S.B.
This feels like a body blessing, my love. Thank you.
— J.N.F.
Thank you for restoring my body, mind and soul.
— S.K.
Oh my gosh! That was heaven on earth! Thank you.
— C.B.

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